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    Civic Center Conservancy is proud to partner with Denver’s Department of Parks and Recreation to revitalize, restore and enhance Civic Center Park in downtown Denver, Colorado.

    This important City asset, in the heart of Denver, was the dream of Mayor Robert Speer and finally built in 1918. Following the City Beautiful principles, Civic Center Park has a strong east-west axis that visually connects Denver’s City and County Building with the State Capitol and is flanked by significant municipal and state buildings.

    Civic Center Park is home to many of the City’s largest events, celebrating Cinco de Mayo, the Capitol Hill People’s Fair, Pridefest, Taste of Colorado, and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Marade (a combination of march and parade). With its high usage and dwindling funds for maintenance and renovation, the Park has seen a decline in its condition and stature.

    Following the model of conservancies across the United States, Civic Center Conservancy was formed in 2004 as a way to raise funds to restore the Park while adding new features and producing many free events that re-introduce citizens to this downtown gem.


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